Netherlands, our new home

Colourful tulip fields, great bike lanes, charming windmills, and, of course, the one and only… VITA Van. These days we are continuing our VITA lighting European Tour in the Netherlands.

Since there are lots of wonderful people to reach to, interesting places to visit, beautiful designs to show, and exciting events to plan, we have decided to stay a bit longer. You can find us in the Netherlands starting today, October 9, and until Sunday, October 18.

We are starting our tour in Hoorn, a beautiful harbour town in the province of North Holland. Visit us today at Bot Meubelen (Doctor C.J.K. van Aalstweg 8B).

Tomorrow, October 10, we will be packing our bags and go to Baarn, in the lovely province of Utrecht. A favourite residential place for the royal family, Baarn will be our home until Friday, October 16. Who is going to be our host? Nijhof (Minervaweg 3).

On Sunday, October 11, we are going for a 1-day expedition in the southern part of the Netherlands. We will be visiting Breda, and our VITA Van will find its spotlight at Lampidee (Kruisvoort 62).

And since we will be spending another exciting weekend in the Netherlands, our final destination will be Zutphen, a charming town in the province of Gelderland. Hope you can join us at Eijerkamp (Gerritsenweg 11).

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