Luxembourg, we can’t wait to see you!

The only Grand Duchy in the world, the small but fascinating country of Luxembourg, is our next destination for the VITA lighting European Tour. And we can’t wait to discover it!

We are excited to add this landlocked “gem” on our tour map not only because it is a splendid and captivating country full of contrasts – from the fusion of Latin and Germanic culture, to the rich history and beautiful modernity – but it will be the home of an exciting event as well: the Foyer Light Run!

Hold on 3rd of October, in the evening and until late in the night, the first edition of the Foyer Light Run invites everyone to “venez vivre une expérience unique” (enjoy a unique experience). The event promises to be a glowing night to remember, a fusion between a 6 km running event, a one-day festival and a late-night shopping event. All in a dazzling setting, where fluorescent sticks, bright lights, party music, crazy outfits and lots of fun and good mood will surround the whole event.

And yes, the VITA Van will put its “running wheels” and bring its beautiful VITA design lights to Luxembourg for the Foyer Light Run event. We will be on Promenade de la Sûre, between checkpoint 8 and 9. When? Saturday, 3rd of October, from 18:00 to 22:00. Hope you will join us!