Pascale White – candid thoughts about art, inspiration, and good causes


“Tout arrive en France” (Everything happens in France), indicates a French saying. And we can add, “Great things happened in France”. During our VITA on Tour in… Tours, we had the chance to meet Pascale White, a talented French artist, who painted one of our lamps that will be auctioned for a good cause. We talked with her about art, inspiration and creativity, and we found out what an “atelier d'art-thérapie” means.

Do you remember your first interaction with art? When did you decide to go on this path?

When I was a little girl I loved to draw for my parents. I realized very early that my mom had a large smile every time I was giving her a drawing, and that my dad had suddenly an interest for me. So I didn't actually decide to go that way – this has been part on my childhood and I grew up with the need of getting some interest by doing art. But this art was a private one, just to bring smiles to my family and the people I loved. For many years, art has been my medicine, a way to feel great and to make people feel the same around me. Later on, I improved and I developed my technique, feeling ready to show my work.

What inspires you in your paintings? What makes your heart tick?

I am looking for harmony... harmony in colors, harmony of the subject! I want to be first seduced by what inspires me.

You are one of the artists who paint both abstractly and representationally. I was admiring your creations on Behance, and I noticed that there are some similarities though – colours, technique, mood. How do you “see” your approach when painting?

I work by instinct and I develop my ideas in different ways (drawing, watercolor, mixed media etc…); with this process I find where and how I want to work. I am also terribly afraid of being bored and losing what I am looking for. I am still learning and I think I will all my life. And to use representational to abstract just helps me keep my mind open.

Besides painting, you have L'Atelier Art T, “un atelier d'art-thérapie” as you described it. What is an art-therapy place? 

A place and a special time during which we are trying to improve a person’s overall health using art. We determine the choice of activity depending on the sensitivity and the needs of the person who is accompanied in his artistic development (creation, expression). Then an exchange time around the production allows the person to express and put into words the emotions.

You imprinted your creative universe on a VITA Silvia that will be donated at the end of the tour to support a good cause. Can you tell us the story behind the painting you made on our lamp?

I was very excited about painting on a VITA lamp – which is a beautiful addition you can have in your home. I made some sketches at first, and I decided it would be nice to create something with soft colors. So I came with ink pens and I drew as if the Silvia lamp was a flower with petals.

What inspired you to be VITA’s artist for a good cause in Tours?

First of all, I was very impressed by a proposal coming from a Danish brand, and also because VITA’s designer lamps are sold in more than 2.000 stores in over 40 countries around the world. Secondly, the fact that all of the lamps are packed in flat gift boxes to reduce the environmental footprint was very important to me. Thirdly I was delighted that all collected money will go to charity projects – it weighed a lot for me.

If you were to send a message to the people who will bid on your creation, what would it be?

Be passionate and take care of your children's planet!