Nice to meet you, Ebeltoft!

After a lovely day in Kolding, the road took us to Ebeltoft.

Home to the longest wooden warship in the world, Fregatten Jylland, to Denmark's smallest town hall, and to a real Safari with animals from five different continents, the Ree Park. Today, it is also the home to our VITA lighting European Tour.

Come see us between 13:00 and 16:00, near Fregatten Jylland, next to Glasmuseet. You’ll get the chance to discover our unique VITA Van, to be part of an exciting event, and to meet our Ebeltoft artist for a good cause: Eva Flensted Madsen.

Eva’s paintings are a symphony of colour and joy; they invite you into a “crooked” universe, full of cheerful, fairy, magical creatures. Today, she will entwine this mystic and lively world around a Silvia lamp, that will be afterwards auctioned and the money donated to a charity organization.

Tomorrow, we will hit the road again. Århus, get ready!