Anne Charlotte Tiedemann: “You are not alone”

Herakut, two graffiti artists, created an urban art wall painting with a simple message, “Art doesn’t help people. People help people”. Yet, we found someone who does both – Anne Charlotte Tiedemann, a talented Danish painter and one of our artists for a good cause.

With a gentle heart, a contagious laugh and a creative mind, she imprinted a bit of her fantasy world on two VITA Silvia lamps. The reason? They will both be auctioned at the end of the tour, and all the proceeds will go to a charity foundation.

And while her hand was weaving sketches and emotions, she let us discover her own ACT on Art universe.

Do you remember your first interaction with art? When did you decide to go on this path?

I’ve started painting when I was a little child. When I grew up, I also realised that I like to teach, to give my knowledge to others, so I became a teacher. For many years, I’ve been doing both of them: painting and teaching. I love the balance between teaching and being artistic, creative. When I am painting I am in my fantasy world, teaching gives me the social aspect of interacting with people, and they inspire me in my creations.

Are people the only sources of inspiration in your paintings? What other things make your heart tick?

It could be a face, a facial expression that I want to capture and make my own, in my own way on the canvas. It can be the nature, a poppy undulating in the wind, and I want to capture that. It could also be a song, or the lyrics from a song. Everything that moves me, that make me curious about life.

What influence the way you think about painting in general, and your paintings in particular?

I need the painting to be “alive”, to have an expression that is alive – in the eyes, in the mouth, in the hair. It can be a movement or anything that has a rhythm in it and makes the painting “alive”.

It’s great that you mentioned that. I’m fascinated with the eyes in your portraits. They give a special depth; they talk to you, make you wonder and send emotions. Is this a motif in your creations, a sought-after thing?

Yes, that is what I like – I like that people are getting curious, so they can make their own stories. You can still wonder and you can create your own story about what it is behind those eyes.

I also love the fantasy level and sometimes the humour with a twist of irony in your paintings. They have a special subtle message.

That’s also true – the humour and the irony bring spice to a painting. If I make a painting of a beautiful face, I don’t want it to be just a beautiful face. I want some serious expressions in the eyes, but half should be up to the viewer. If that is not enough, it needs to be a movement, something in the hair, or some twist or irony, some message. But I always try to keep it as open as possible, so the viewers can use their own fantasy. I hope that, if 20 people are looking at a painting, they get 20 different stories, depending on their own story.

It’s interesting to see and think about how artists use light in their creations. Maybe even more fascinating is to see how you use the “light” as a canvas for the paintings you are creating as part of our VITA lighting European Tour.

The lamps I painted for VITA have names. The first one is called “You are not alone”. My father died recently of cancer, and that is why I would like the proceeds from the auctioning of the lamps I painted to go to Børnecancerfonden. I call it “You are not alone” because there are a lot of faces, one on each blade of the lamp, and they are all together, and they all have the light inside. The light is the hope – a hope to be able to speak with other people about your sorrows, your sadness, about death. You always have to think that you are not alone – we are all in it together. So that is why I call it you are not alone.

The second lamp is called “VITAmina”, and it is inspired by the seashells. By that moment when you go back to basics by taking a long walk on the beach. VITAmina has all the energy that the nature has to offer.

What did inspire you to be VITA’s artist for a good cause in Copenhagen?

I think that light is very important – both in a home and in your mind as well. In an aesthetic way, the light is also important in a home. I also like that VITA has a focus on sustainability and that it cares about the environment. It resonates with my values and principles.

If you were to send a message to the people who will bid on your creation, what would it be?

You are not alone.